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These utilities are Japanese version, so messages and documents are written in Japanese.
If you want English one, please tell me.
Use these software at your own risk and the source codes, binaries, and documents of these softwares are copyrighted.
BTRON(B-right/V) software
PCMPlay for B-right/V R0.023 source code(pcm0023.lzh: 63,211 bytes)
A PCM player for B-right/V. This player has same feature as PCMPlay for 1B/V3 R1.007.
This player requires tinyPCM.drv. (UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
tinyPCM.drv alpha 3 source code(tPCMA03.lzh: 77,155 bytes)
A PCM driver for SoundBlaster Pro(2)/16. (UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
system font changer(font patcher) R1.000(fpat1000.bpk: 14,896 bytes)
This is dangerous tool. This programme changes the system standard font of B-right/V.
You need font file of FONTX2 format. Screen shots are also available.
This programme might cause system crash, so you use this carefully.
Do *NOT* use this programme on B-right/V R2.5 and later!
BTRON(1B/V3) software
6x86Pentium R1.001(686_1001.bpk: 2,155 bytes)
This programme enables CPUID instruction and Suspend on HLT of Cyrix 6x86(L). Cyrix CPU only!!
6x86Pentium R1.001 source code(686_1001.lzh: 2,286 bytes)
The source code of "6x86Pentium R1.001."
PCMPlay R1.007(pcm1007.bpk: 26,015 bytes)
A PCM player for 1B/V3. This is final version if there's no problem.
PCMPlay R1.007 source code(pcm1007s.lzh: 23,639 bytes)
The source code of "PCMPlay R1.007."
I/O input/output library ver 1.3(mach13.lzh: 7,512 bytes)
When you want to use I/O port, use this library.
Keyboard initializer(reseter) R1.000(keyreset.bpk: 3,606 bytes)
There's a problem which a keyboard does not work properly on 1B/V3. So this programme resolves this problem to send reset command to keyboard controller.
* You have to use b-pack(shoko-kanri) archiver to extract ".bpk" files.
* B-right/V and 1B/V3 is BTRON-specification operating system by Personal Media Corporation.
MS-DOS software
VESA test ver0.042(vesate42.lzh: 16,711 bytes)
This programme tells you the version of VESA BIOS Extention (VBE).
PCMInfo ver0.0151 for DOS(pcminf15.lzh: 18,903 bytes)
This programme shows the header information of PCM files, .au, .aif, .wav and .voc format.
Patch for GUIDE.EXE(guide_p.lzh: 969 bytes)
This patch removes protection of GUIDE.EXE online manual viewer which is included MS-DOS 5.0 of NEC Ultralite UL/20. This patch requires bupdate utility.
Do not ask about this patch to NEC!
MSX software
LSC (Left SCroll - a tiny message display) ver 0.012(lsc012.lzh: 9,048 bytes)
This programme shows scrolling message. This is useful for events. (if you are using MSIE, maybe this message is scrolling... so, this utility do like this, marquee tag.)
Kanji ROM ripper set(knjdl01.lzh: 10,765 bytes)
You can get Kanji ROM data from MSX personal-computer which have Kanji ROM.
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