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  1. These are beta/test products, so maybe these products cause many problems. Use carefully at your own risk!
  2. The source codes, binaries, and documents of these softwares are copyrighted.
  3. Manuals of almost all softwares are written in Japanese. If you are interested in my software and need English manual, please feel free to contact me.

BTRON(B-right/V) software
mkfat 0.001
This programs creates FAT file system on BTRON-formatted disk, so you can create DOS-formatted disk on B-right(R)/V.
AdLib.drv 0.001 (adlib001.lzh: 32,765 bytes)
Low-level I/O driver for AdLib (OPL2 FM sound board). You can also use this driver for SoundBlaster.
(UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
PCMPlay for B-right/V R0.010 (test product) source code(pcm0010.lzh: 4,788 bytes)
There's no reason to explain, too :-) (UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
PCMPlay for B-right/V R0.010 (test product)(pcm0010.bpk: 47,889 bytes)
This programme plays PCM files of Microsoft WAVE format. tinyPCM.drv alpha 1, an "as-is" driver for SoundBlaster Pro(2) is included, but no source code. (b-pack compression)
6x86pentium for B-right/V ver 0.002 (test product, console application)(686v0002.lzh: 53,450 bytes)
This programme enables CPUID instruction and Suspend on HLT of Cyrix 6x86(L). Cyrix CPU only!!
(UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
Wall paper randomizer ver 0.001 (test products, console application)(wprndm01.lzh: 19,242 bytes)
This programme changes background-graphic (wallpaper) randomly. Souce code is also included.
(UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
Device name list (test product, console application)(lstdev01.lzh: 12,412 bytes)
Test code using lst_dev(). Source code is available.
(UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
BTRON(1B/V3) software
test code of window application (test product, source code only)(skeleton.lzh: 1,404 bytes)
This display shows "Hello, BTRON!" message on a window. This source code requires 1B/V3 SDK.
mixer initializer R1.001 (test product, source code only)(mi1001.lzh: 4,325 bytes)
Mixer initializatoin utility of SoundBlaster Pro/16. This source code requires 1B/V3 SDK.

* You have to use b-pack(shoko-kanri) archiver to extract ".bpk" files.
* B-right/V and 1B/V3 is BTRON-specification operating system by Personal Media Corporation.

MS-DOS software
font information display 4(fontinf4.lzh: 46,718 bytes)
This is improved version of fontinfb.exe which displays informations of BTRON font file.
Favourite TrueType enabler v0.018(ttfv0018.lzh: 479,208 bytes)
This programmes a test product which enables to use your faivourite TrueType fonts on B-right/V. Screen shot #1 (number/alphabet) #2 (Japanese) #3 (Chinese/Korean)
font information display 3(fontinf3.lzh: 152,103 bytes)
1)Information viewer of fonts for B-right/V and FONTX2
2)Font converter (from B-right/V to FONTX2)
3)Font patcher, test product (from FONTX2 to B-right/V)
This is dangerous tool. This programme changes the system standard font of B-right/V.
BIOS ROM ripper(biosrip.lzh: 33,989 bytes)
This programme extracts BIOS ROM image from applications.
PCMPlay for DOS/test 0.01(sbpro001.lzh: 22,925 bytes)
test code of PCM player for DOS, SoundBlasterPro(2)
GUS Memory checker 0.011(iwmemchk.lzh: 15,435 bytes)
This programme checks the memory (max 1MB) of Gravis UltraSound.
BookMark Maker 0.01 (test product)(mkbm001.lzh: 40,798 bytes)
I use this programme to maintain "uaa's bookmark." (A tiny bookmark manager?)
Sample data is also available.(17,672 bytes)
PCIdump R1.000(pcid1000.lzh: 32,823 bytes)
This programme shows congifuration registors of PCI devices. (test product)
obj->s19 R1.000(o2s_1000.lzh: 33,749 bytes)
binary to motorola HEX format (s19 format) converter, test product
obj->hex R1.001(o2h_1001.lzh: 33,995 bytes)
binary to intel HEX format converter
TAD -> SJIS converter ver0.011(tad2sj11.lzh: 16,091 bytes)
TAD(TRON Application Databus) to SJIS text converter.
You should use this programme with disk cache programme (ex. SmartDrive).
font information display(fontinf.lzh: 11,614 bytes)
This programme shows informations of font file for 1B/V3.
KORG NS5R voice list Rev 0.01(5rvl_001.lzh: 19,096 bytes)
This is the voice list of KORG NS5R. But there is NO list of GM, GS and XG bank because it is well-known.
(UNIX LHa, -lh6- compression)
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